How to build your own little debby cake (and a lot of other things)

Posted November 12, 2017 11:37:15This is a good time to start thinking about how to build something from scratch.As a kid, I spent my days creating and building things from LEGO bricks.In my early teens, I did some of the same things.I learned how to paint and I did a lot.I was fascinated by all…

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Posted November 12, 2017 11:37:15This is a good time to start thinking about how to build something from scratch.

As a kid, I spent my days creating and building things from LEGO bricks.

In my early teens, I did some of the same things.

I learned how to paint and I did a lot.

I was fascinated by all the different shapes and colours.

But it was only when I was in college that I actually started to make my own LEGO creations.

I decided that my hobby would become something I really wanted to pursue and build.

In order to do this, I had to understand the basics of LEGO.

The first thing I needed to do was to find a LEGO shop.

LEGO shops are everywhere, in almost every corner of the world.

I would go to any one of them and try to find an affordable model that I could buy, build, and paint.

But when I came across LEGO shops, I was completely blown away by the quality and value of what they offered.

After months of research, I found a shop in the United Kingdom called Brick & Castle.

They had the model for the Debris Station (a very interesting set) and had some great reviews.

I quickly decided to purchase their model and started building it.

I took some pictures and a little bit of time to build it.

It was a pretty simple build with some basic tools and basic skills.

I started off by using a bit of PVC pipe and soldering a few small joints.

I also built a couple of wheels and a bit more wheels.

Once I had a working model, I painted it and finished it.

This model is about as complex as LEGO can get.

I used a lot more bricks, but I still managed to build a pretty cool and functional model.

It took me about a month to complete this build.

Now that I had my model, it was time to put it together.

I had some ideas about how I wanted it to look, but it wasn’t until I started making some of my own Lego models that I realized how I needed more bricks.

To make my model as realistic as possible, I decided to build two sets of bricks and glue them together.

It turned out to be a lot easier than I thought it would be.

I did have to build some small parts first.

I then decided to add a little paint to the base of the model and glue it on.

After that, I simply glued some LEGO bricks to the model’s base.

I ended up making this little box with a couple pieces of cardboard and some foam blocks to make the interior.

The only thing I did differently than most people I’ve met is that I did not use a glue gun.

I simply used a nail gun.

The box was then painted with a bit in the centre of the top of the box.

I placed the box inside and made sure it was level.

When the box was done, I just glued the cardboard back on.

That is when I decided I wanted to put the box in a box.

In the end, it took about three days to complete my build, so that was a fairly quick build.

I built the box using some of those simple tools I learned so many years ago.

I glued the bottom of the base and glueed the sides together.

The next step was to make a shelf out of plastic.

This shelf has to be quite large because the box needs to fit inside it.

Once the shelf was built, I glued it on top of everything else.

I finished the shelf by adding some foam and then attaching it to the top.

The shelf is a bit bigger than most LEGO boxes I’ve seen.

The end result is a very unique box that is very versatile.

It could be used as a place to store your LEGO models, or it could be a way to hang them up in your living room.

I can’t wait to build my own box someday.

I have been working on building a box for a while now, but this one took quite a bit longer.

I still had a lot to do.

I needed some new tools and some extra pieces of plastic, so I decided the best way to get started was to start building a LEGO version of the Debris Station.

I began by getting the model of the Station.

The model came with two pieces of the LEGO model: a box and a shelf.

I added some foam to the shelf to make it look like a large, round box.

Then I glued some pieces of LEGO bricks onto the inside of the door.

I attached a small piece of LEGO to the end of the shelf.

Then, I added two more pieces of Lego bricks on top.

Finally, I glueed all of this to the inside door.

The process took about two hours, but in the end it took me three hours to build.

As I mentioned, the box is really, really pretty.

The pieces of pieces that were glued together look just like LEGO. I

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