‘Potter’ cakes are not only amazing but also have a hidden secret recipe

A ‘Pottery’ cake, or ‘Cake of the Day’, is one of the most popular dessert options at Christmas and Easter celebrations, and they are often made with the help of a ‘potter’.This year, we have a look at how to make a ‘Potters’ cake that will delight even the most adventurous of families.This ‘Pottering’ cake…

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A ‘Pottery’ cake, or ‘Cake of the Day’, is one of the most popular dessert options at Christmas and Easter celebrations, and they are often made with the help of a ‘potter’.

This year, we have a look at how to make a ‘Potters’ cake that will delight even the most adventurous of families.

This ‘Pottering’ cake recipe will look and taste like it came straight out of a book or the pages of a children’s book, and you can make it for a number of different occasions. 

This recipe is based on a traditional cake, so you can use any recipe that you wish, but you will need to use the exact amount of ingredients to achieve a perfect result.

The following steps will ensure that your ‘Potting’ cake is a success.

First, you will first make your own ‘Potts’.

You can buy these at the grocery store or online, and some of the best quality potters have been given a certificate of authenticity to show for their work. 

Once you have bought a potter’s certificate, you can purchase any other types of pottery you like from the UK’s leading potters. 

For the ‘Pot Potting’ Cake Recipe you will need: a 12 x 9 inch (25 x 15 cm) baking dish with a hole cut in the middle (or you can also make a cake with the hole cut out) a baking sheet that fits the baking dish an old spoon or small cup a cake stand a pastry brush some parchment paper a cookie sheet a plastic bag or tin with a lid a pie plate a spade tip a sharp knife a spatula a spoon or spoonful of sugar a rolling pin a whisk some baking powder a small bowl a cup of boiling water a large bowl of ice water You will also need: – a cake stand or cake tray with a cake cutout for a ‘Cakes of the Cake’ decoration (we use a plastic cup for this) – a sheet of parchment paper to protect the sides – some baking powder and a small pinch of salt (we like to use 1 teaspoon of salt per pound of sugar) You’ll also need – an old spoon to scoop the contents out of the bowl – baking soda (for sprinkling) For more information on how to get a cake from a shop, click here: Pottery Cake Recipe – Potting Recipes (UK). 

You can find the recipe below. 

You don’t need to buy a cake maker, but if you do, it will make a wonderful addition to your Christmas celebrations. 

If you’d like to make this ‘Potving’ cake with your own kitchen, you could also use a simple spout tip. 


Cut the cake into 12 x 10 inch (24 x 17 cm) pieces.

You will also want to make the bottom of the cake slightly longer than the top, so that the cake has a little extra room to spread. 


Cut out your cake base. 


Now, lay out the cake pieces on a baking dish, with the base facing up. 4. 

Using a spatula, make sure to keep the cake edges from sticking together. 


Then, use a spoon to press the cake to the bottom and up to the top of the dish. 


Make sure the sides of the base are lined with parchment paper. 


Next, use the spatula to lift up the sides and then lift the bottom up as far as it will go. 8. 

Use the spade to lift the sides up and to spread the cake over the top. 


Pour some of your frosting over the sides. 


Fill the cake base with more of the frosting. 


Place the cake tray in the baking tray. 


Put the spades into the bottom baking dish.


Slide the cake on top of your cake. 


Take the cake and gently lift it up to spread it over the cake.



If there is any leftover frosting, you may add more of it to the cake at this stage. 

And you’re done! 

Now that you have a cake ready, it’s time to decorate! 

The top of this cake is adorned with Christmas decorations and you can make these decorations as a part of the ‘Crowning’ section or as an optional part of your Christmas decorations. 

These decorations can be as simple as Christmas decorations or you can create an entirely new decoration. 

Here’s how to decorates the cake: 1 Use a cake decorator to decor

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