How to make a butterfly cake from scratch

The last time I saw a butterfly, I was walking home from work.It was late autumn, I thought.I’d gone to work for a bakery and was going to have a cake for dinner.I opened the door and I saw this huge winged creature.It looked like a giant cockroach.I thought, ‘How did it get here?’It was…

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The last time I saw a butterfly, I was walking home from work.

It was late autumn, I thought.

I’d gone to work for a bakery and was going to have a cake for dinner.

I opened the door and I saw this huge winged creature.

It looked like a giant cockroach.

I thought, ‘How did it get here?’

It was a butterfly.

The caterpillar was just out of the nest.

It didn’t look like it belonged here.

I looked up at the house next door and it was empty.

I looked up to the front door and there were no birds.

I had no idea what to do with it.

I went to the house and asked the neighbours what I could do.

They said, ‘You don’t have to worry.

We have a butterfly here, and it’s all right.’

I asked, ‘Why doesn’t the butterfly fly away?

I know you have butterflies all over the house.’

The neighbours said, [the butterfly] is a big butterfly.

It’s about two feet long, about three feet wide, and has a black wing that is about six inches long.

It flies out of a hole in the wall of the house.

They said, If you put a butterfly in your garden, you won’t get it back.

They say it’s good luck.

I asked the neighbour, ‘Is there a butterfly garden?’

He said, No.

I said, Well, why don’t you build a butterfly house?’

He said it’s a good idea.

I built the house, and a butterfly has been living there ever since.

I call it the butterfly garden.

Now, I know it sounds crazy, but the Butterfly Garden is not a house.

It is a butterfly home.

It has all the ingredients to create a butterfly farm.

The Butterfly House is a garden with a butterfly nest, a butterfly fence, a cage, a wire mesh roof, and two rows of butterflies.

The house has been around since the 1800s, but it has been updated with new plants and other things.

I used a butterfly cage as my starting point, and when I moved in I built a butterfly pond.

Then I had butterflies for all my plants and for my hedge.

I also had butterflies that came from the garden that I had been growing.

I have had butterflies all my life.

Now I have the Butterfly House for all the things I need.

I love the butterflies and the butterfly farm and the butterflies are my life’s work.

I am an organic farmer, and I have grown up around the butterfly, and they are my pets.

I know the butterflies have been with me all my lives.

I just think it’s wonderful that they have taken up residence here.

It gives me so much pride to know that I am helping to protect them.

The last time you saw a big, flying butterfly, did you feel sad?


The butterflies are wonderful creatures.

They are a part of the ecosystem and they give me great joy.

I do feel sad when I see something that is a good friend gone.

It makes me sad because the butterfly is part of our environment.

We live in a big world, and we love the butterfly.

If you have any questions about butterfly farm, please contact the butterfly farming group.

If you are interested in being contacted about the butterfly gardening, please email [email protected]

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