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Cassata cake is a favourite of my friends, but this time of year we are going to need it in more than just a few bowls.The season for cassata is starting in the spring and the weather is looking rather good.Rainbow cake is also a popular summer dish and is very similar to cassata, but…

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Cassata cake is a favourite of my friends, but this time of year we are going to need it in more than just a few bowls.

The season for cassata is starting in the spring and the weather is looking rather good.

Rainbow cake is also a popular summer dish and is very similar to cassata, but it is also quite special because it has been cooked over a fire.

It is a simple dish with the most flavours of a classic cassata and the most flavour of a rainbow.

You might also want to try cassata-like desserts such as rainbow buns or raspberry cheesecake, but for me cassata was always my favourite.

As well as the traditional recipe, the flavours are varied and you can also add a drizzle of honey, lemon juice or even cinnamon.

Cassata cakes are a staple in our house and are a favourite for my mother-in-law.

I love my cassata cakes but sometimes I feel like I’m eating a cake, and sometimes I like the idea of a chocolate chip cookie but I like more a cookie that tastes like a cassata.

In this recipe, I’ve taken the classic cassaterie and added the flavour of rainbow cake to the mix.

Cassaterie is a traditional cassata with the traditional flavours of honey and chocolate.

The first step is to make the dough.

You can do this either on a floured surface or on a work surface.

I prefer the floured version because it will hold the dough together better.

Make a rectangle of the dough that is a size to be the size of a loaf of cassateri.

Roll the dough into a rectangle.

Place the dough on a lightly floured baking sheet and set aside for 5 minutes to rise.

Next, you will need to make a second sheet of dough.

If you use the floret method, you may want to use the second sheet.

If not, you can use a baking sheet that has already been used to make another sheet.

Once the dough has risen, you’ll want to add the chocolate chips.

Dip the dough in melted chocolate and then dip the dough again in melted melted chocolate.

You will then have a nice dark chocolate coating.

You can use the melted chocolate to decorate the sides of your cassateria.

You could also use the chocolate to make mini biscuits or serve the cassaterias with icing or sprinkles.

After you’ve made your first sheet of cassata dough, cut the dough down to the size you will make the second.

I usually make two sheets for each batch of cassettes.

I then fold them up and place them in a baking dish.

Repeat this step with the second dough and then the first dough.

Finally, make the icing.

You’ll need one cup of icing sugar and two tablespoons of icing oil.

I like to use a mixture of icing and chocolate, but you can try different things.

You may also want some white icing or you could use white chocolate.

I used white chocolate for this recipe.

Add the icing to the cassata first sheet and fold it over the cassettes sides.

Then, fold the second cake over the second cassata sheet.

Finally, fold up the cake so that it is just the two cassettes side by side. 

Put the cake on a plate and leave it to sit for 5-10 minutes.

When it is done, it should look like this.

The icing should have dried slightly.

Now, make a new sheet of the second baking sheet.

Repeat the process of folding up the first baking sheet, folding up and folding up again, then folding over the cake and the icing and finally folding over again.

Place a layer of cake on the second plate and place a layer on top of the icing cake.

Put the second biscuit on top and you’re done.

Place a layer cake on top or the other way around.

This way, you have a lovely, dark cake on your table.

The cassateries are then covered in icing and sprinkled with sprinkles and sprinkles of your choice.

Cassaters are a very versatile dish.

They can be made with a biscuit or with a cookie.

They are also very easy to make and can be served with a glass of milk or some chocolate syrup.

The flavours of cassatas and rainbow cakes are not limited to just the traditional way of cooking cassata but are also perfect for Christmas.

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